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Dear Family & Friends:

     Hope this letter finds you all in health and peace.  We first want to give all glory and honor to our God, the Father of us all, for just being who He is. Second to just give you a summary of our mission to Liberia and some prayer points to consider as we press forward this next year.

     We began our trip with a three day crusade, training pastors, evangelist and teachers. We began teaching with basic Christianity, salvation, discipleship, and prayer. We were led into a time of repentance toward Liberia for the part we as the white race, and Americans, for the wrongs we have done concerning them and the blood we have on our hands of their people. The Holy Spirit moved in power and many barriers were removed and replaced with a true love of “HIS Spirit”. Our team had an opportunity to wash the feet and pray over each one of the participants.

     The next day after the workshop we went out with some of the Pastors who attended the workshop; to evangelize some of the villages that have been selected to implement the discipleship program two years ago. We also gave some of the families the things we sent over in the two barrel a few months ago.  We encouraged the families and Pastors with our compassion for the people of Liberia.  We ended the visit to the Paynesville community by going to the beach with the Pastors and praying over the Atlantic Ocean.  We prayed for God’s cleansing and pleaded the blood of Jesus over all the sins committed with sacrifices and worship to their demon gods of the water.     

     The second night we were with Isabel’s grandson, Coleman Foster (an attorney) who works with the government of Liberia; he took us by City Hall, where they were doing a total restoration. As we arrived one of the first people we met was the Mayor Mary Broh. She was very receptive to us and gave us a tour of the whole hall. Afterwards, we asked if we could pray with her, and she was more than happy to allow us to pray with her and a staff of about 25-30, that was working that evening. She didn’t allow those of the Islamic faith to join us in this time of corporate prayer.

      Sunday our team went to the first Methodist church of Liberia and Peggy Seals a member of our team ministered the most powerful word of the Lord on “Love”, that I had ever heard. This message of “Love” was taken also to another large church of about 300, the next Sunday. Meanwhile, Tim and I were at the Bethel Church across town ministering the true liberty of the Kingdom of God, to about 200 more saints, who have been called to fulfill God’s destiny in Liberia; as His Kings and Priest in the earth.

       Our last day, Pastor Roberts wanted us to speak to his pastors of four churches and their leadership to encourage them and bring forth what else the Lord had laid on our hearts.  We then laid hands on each one of them and released the Kingdom over them.

      We think it was a completed work that He did in Liberia for this season. It do believe with all our heart we have met Jews in the land. This work has laid the ground work for the Apostolic and Prophetic to come and lay the foundation and release the prophetic word of the Lord. God will bring Liberia to its expected end as the Kingdom is released upon them by the five-fold ministry.

      Liberia is one of the most expensive third world nations I have ever been in. Everything is imported from other nations, such as Nigeria and China. The situation is grave and only a move of God can and will change things. We have a few things the Lord has put upon our hearts, first is to help with farming and water needs on the land in Kakatah where God’s Love Center central office will be located. We also want to get laptops for the leadership, to help with their training and studies. These are only a couple of the basic needs.

      We are planning another mission after the September elections of 2011.  Much prayer is needed on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her re-election. The Masonic temple is being resurrected just in time for the election year and brings a lot of warfare against the ones not affiliated with its practices.  It is on the highest point in Monrovia. We will keep you informed of the prayer points as we go forward.   

         We thank you all for your love, prayers and your support for us through this journey of the Kingdom of our Lord. Please share any of your thoughts with us.     In HIM, Tim & Aliza


Liberian Mission 2010

Our 2010 mission trip has been a great success, but we have much more work to do in Liberia. We are planning to send two 70 gallon barrels with food by November 20th, 2010. This will be our last mission for the year 2010.
We are in the planning stages for Spring 2011, to do a crusade and workshop. Please make preparations to support this mission. We need your hearts, prayers, labors, and finances. The people of Liberia are in need of the saints in times like now. We do know the timing of the Lord is perfect, to have us in Liberia before the election next November. It is imperative for us to be in the land. Liberia must have a Believer in Yeshua in the office of president, to continue in times of PEACE. We will do our part to assist in this. Please be with us as we go forth in obedience to very serious call.
In HIM, Tim & Aliza

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