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Praise From Seed-time to Harvest Update 2012

Blessings to you in the name of our Savior Yeshua the Messiah:
It has been a while since we have given a full update on what the Lord has been doing in our lives, to our fellow labors in the vineyard. It has been a long overdue praise report to Him.
First of all, after Tim and I got married in Oct of 2008, we have enjoyed the two becoming one and learning all the covenant promises God has given us as husband and wife. Tim has been a great priest to our southern home and I have learned to cook again, even though Tim has had to transition from Italian bread to beans and cornbread. It has been an honor to be the blessed wife to such a Godly man. God’s waiting time is perfect.   

In March 2009 we were given another location in Jacksonville, AL to continue the vision the Lord had given us. What a blessing it has been. My cousin’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan in February 2009 and helped minister to his family and all there is to do on a 50 acre farm. The Lord has blessed us abundantly as we have obeyed to follow Him.
First, we bought a home and prepared it on the land, and the Lord provided everything we needed to restore it from top to bottom. This is a place of refuge for all the Lord will send to be fed and nourished, restored, renewed, now and for the times to come. We have already had many come and one who the Lord has blessed us with that has been with us a couple of months, helping us tremendously with all there is to do on a big farm. He and Tim are constantly from one task to another. We are getting ready and prepared at all times. We have begun to re-establish our plans for our certified naturally grown garden, in this new place. The task has been a huge undertaking for us, but the Lord has been more than enough to get us through. We are “Certified Naturally Grown”. We have worked very diligently to make sure we keep the land, food and all the animals uncontaminated from all the chemicals that have infiltrated our food chain. We have been established as The Gathering Place 7, LLC by the State of Alabama. Along with our new herbal component Gathering Herbs, For the healing of the Body. 

Tim has designed a compost tumbler we are now marketing and have available here on our webpage at:
www.thegatheringplace7.com. We have several other type barrels available on our website. The compost tumblers have helped us get the land prepared for more healthy fruits and veggies for many years to come. The rain barrels have helped in providing rain water to water plants and animals more cost effectively. We have storage barrels for all our storage needs from food to seeds and grains.

At a word of the Lord a couple of years back we have been establishing heirloom seeds and weeding out the hybrid that we would have the ability to have seed produce after its own kind as it was in the beginning. 

Gathering Herbs, "For the healing of the Body"; is our exciting new herbal component to help us get our bodies back to the wholeness of our spirit, soul, mind, & body. You can navigate through our website to find the link to our online store for the beneficially products that are available for you, now. We have herbal remedies we have made ourselves & ones that other qualified herbalist have formulated. You will also find a lot of nutrimental information for practical healthy living, also.

We have gotten our 149ft well completed & have fresh spring water for our garden and other watering needs. This land is blessed with a fresh running spring and river underneath it.
We have been looking back at all the Lord has been showing us about His kingdom and His kingdom economics and we just stand in amazement. We were told a few years back about sowing into gold, Israel and Africa. We have been obeying the word of the Lord to the best of our ability and we have been reaping the harvest. 
We now have a small herb of cattle with a co-labor, about 40 chickens (a couple speciality), & 3 great watch dogs to protect the farm. We have been able to build a greenhouse, a small barn, a few chicken coups, an outdoor kitchen for washing & storing all our veggies, and an abundance of deep beds for our gardening needs. We are also researching all we need to establish bee hives for producing local natural honey, which is soon to come. He has opened the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings upon His vision that it would be a provision for His people.

We also, have been actively involved in missions to Liberia since 2007 with God’s Love Center and hope to even travel to the land in June 2010 with our Pastor along with others from the board of directors. Isabel Karnga is the founding director of the vision. We will continue laying foundation for the ministry there in Liberia. It is a war torn state at this time, but God has seen fit to put in place at this time, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a professing Christian who has given us great favor. Great opposition has come against the work, so please keep us in your prayers concerning this work. She was able to maintain the 2011 Presidential Seat by the prayers of the saints, and the Mercy of God. We thank you, Lord! 
We are excited about all the Lord is doing with the ministry and all the people He is connecting us with to advance His kingdom. Wow, this seems like a lot, but it has been coming together. We ask for your prayers and support for all these endeavors, as we go forth in obedience to the vision.

Anytime you are able to come this way please let us know. Whether it be for a time of rest, one of the feast, a shabatt, to gather veggies, eggs, or herbs, or just to lend a helping hand. We always need an extra hand or an encouraging word from others. We pray for the ability to stay in touch with one another as we move forward in HIM.

Yielded to His service,
Tim & Aliza  

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